Jeana's Abdomen Scar

Wednesday, June 24 I woke up from my second surgery in a week, absolutely unsure of what exactly had happened. When the surgeon forced me to look at the incision the next day ("You have to look at it") I started a journey with my scar.

Three and a half months later, here it is. A part of me - a new part of me - but a big piece of my story.

This scar was caused by trauma that my body was experiencing - my colon twisted causing a blockage - yada, yada, yada - I have less colon now and I’m super alive. And in that experience and through the experience of having visible trauma that was completely out of my control, I started to release some of the anger from the less visible scars. #thankyoutherapy

I'm showing this scar because the second I started to talk about this surgery, I heard from people publicly and privately who told me that they had gone through something similar and a lot of people had learned to love their scars - but some were hiding them.

I'm showing this scar because we all have them (some are just less visible). I'm showing this scar because it means survival and strength.

Photo by @kcbasso
- Jeana Anderson Cohen @jeanaandersoncohen