ESTAS Every Scar Tells A Story

The only 3-step skincare routine formulated specifically for scars. Made with the highest quality ingredients to help your scars look & feel their very best!

What People Are Saying

-Erica Lugo @ericafitlove

“My job is truly all about being in the spotlight. After getting my loose skin surgery I knew it was going to be very important to find a regimen to heal correctly & to lessen the appearance of my scar. Of course I tried all the major “well known” brands & haven’t been impressed. Within 10 days of ESTAS I knew I found what I’ve been looking for!”

-Casey K.

"I bought ESTAS scar treatment to care for scars I have from surgery. I use it regularly & have seen great results with the texture & color of my scars. While I appreciate my scars as a reminder of a journey I’ve been on, I feel so much more confident with them in the state they are in now. Thanks ESTAS for helping me love my scars!"

- Kerry Owens, MD Avalon Plastic Surgery

“Really beautiful! I have incorporated these products into my post operative scar management and patients are loving them.”

Vegan & Cruelty Free

Brightening, Softening & Nourishing

Clinically Proven

Effective 3-Step Routine

Clean & Fragrance Free

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Society tells us to hide our scars. We want to change that.

Where skincare textures meet scarcare ingredients

Scarred skin is special skin that needs a special kind of care.

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Scarred skin is special skin that needs a special kind of care.


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