ESTAS Beauty is a line of skincare products made for your scars.

Our Mission


Scars are a special type of skin, and they require special attention. Society tells us to hide our scars, and we want to change that. Let's treat our scars with the same care and attention we give to the rest of our skin. Let’s feel confident in our scars because they are a symbol of our strength. Join us on our mission to reverse the societal stigma against scars. Every Scar Tells A Story, and we shouldn't have to hide them.

Our Story


Cristina has a scar that runs down the entire length of her chest. At age 24, she mysteriously went into sudden cardiac arrest. Her heart stopped, she went into a coma, and her parents were told she had a 7% chance of survival. Later it was decided that in order to save her life, she'd need open heart triple bypass surgery. When her doctor told her, the first thing she asked was, "Am I going to have a scar?"

After her surgery, Cristina felt a great deal of shame around her scar. So she started experimenting with a number of pure ingredients to help heal and beautify it. Eventually she discovered a winning combination: applying and massaging her unique formula surprisingly became a therapeutic ritual. Through this journey, she grew to embrace her scar, but she'll never forget that her first instinct was to hate it. This inspired her to help others also feel confident with their scars.

A few years later, Alejandra had her first surgery: a C-section. Alejandra confided in Cristina that she was struggling with her scar, that she didn't like how it looked or how it felt. She tried a few gels, but they were sticky and greasy, so she stopped using them. She didn't even want to touch her scar.

After that chat, Cristina couldn't get the conversation out of her head. She knew exactly what her friend was feeling and wanted to help her overcome the scar shame. Cristina's idea was to get Alejandra a luxurious scar cream. Something to inspire Alejandra to take care of her scar and to help her build a more positive relationship with it.

What Cristina thought would be a quick online search turned into a months-long journey. When she couldn't find the exact type of scar product she wanted to buy Alejandra, Cristina dove into research. She spoke to doctors, beauty experts, chemists, and other women with scars. It became clear that a luxury skincare-style product to treat scars did not exist.

So Cristina and Alejandra teamed up to create ESTAS Beauty, luxury skincare for your scars.

Our Team


To create their dream products Cristina and Alejandra worked with an award-winning luxury skincare formulator who has an additional expertise in wound healing. They also consulted some of New York’s top doctors to ensure the most effective scar care techniques and ingredients were included in each ESTAS Beauty product.

Our Philosophy


ESTAS stands for Every Scar Tells A Story, and it represents more than just skincare for scars. It represents a movement. ESTAS Beauty aims to instill confidence and pride in anyone who has a scar.

The ESTAS philosophy is derived from the art of Kintsugi, a Japanese practice built on the idea of finding strength and beauty in imperfection. The technique involves repairing broken ceramics with gold, highlighting the cracks rather than hiding them. Thus, the pieces become more valuable because of their scars.

At ESTAS, we believe that our scars are part of our unique beauty, and therefore we should be treating them like gold.