ESTAS is a line of luxury skincare products made specifically for scars.

Our Mission


Scarcare should be a part of our daily skincare routines. There is a stigma around scars. Our mission is to change that. While other products tell us to erase our scars, we think we should embrace them. Let’s pamper our scars and show them off. Let’s celebrate our scars because they make us unique and beautiful.

Our Story


I have a scar that runs down the entire length of my chest. At age 24 I went into sudden cardiac arrest, and nobody could figure out why. Later it was decided that to keep me alive, I’d need open heart triple bypass surgery. When my doctor told me, the first thing I asked was, “Am I going to have a scar?”

Today I love my scar. Over the years I've nurtured and conditioned it. It makes me feel special, so I wear it like a badge of honor. But I’ll never forget that my first instinct was to hate it.

A few years later I was catching up with a friend who had recently had c-section. She told me she was struggling with her scar, that she didn’t like the way it looked or the way it felt. She tried a few creams but they grossed her out, so she stopped using them. She didn’t even want to touch her scar.

After our chat, I couldn’t get the conversation out of my head. I knew exactly what she was feeling, but I wanted her to be proud of her scar too. My idea was to get her a fancy scar cream, to inspire her to take care of it and maybe even learn to love it they way I did with my scar.

What I thought would be a quick online search turned into a months-long journey. When I couldn’t find the kind of scar product I wanted to buy my friend, I dove into research. I spoke to doctors, beauty experts, chemists and other women with scars of their own. It became clear that the luxury skincare-style product I was looking for did not exist for scars. If I wanted to give my friend the perfect product to help her love her scar, I’d have to create it myself. So I got to work.

Two years later, my friend became my business partner and ESTAS was born.


Our Team


The first step in creating my dream product was to consult the experts. I teamed up with the perfect chemist, an award-winning luxury skincare formulator with an additional expertise in wound healing. I also worked with some of New York’s top doctors to ensure the most effective scarcare techniques and ingredients were included in each ESTAS product.

Our Philosophy


Next, I had to work on a message. For ESTAS to help my friend - and every woman - fall in love with her scar, it would have to be more than just a product. It’d have to be a movement. So I studied the art of Kintsugi, a Japanese practice built on the idea of finding strength and beauty in imperfection. The technique involves repairing broken ceramics with gold, highlighting the cracks rather than hiding them. Thus, the pieces become more valuable because of their scars. At ESTAS we believe that our scars make us more beautiful, and we should be treating them like gold.