Scarred skin is a different kind of skin. So it requires a different kind of care.

Scarred Skin

Scarred skin is different than normal skin. It is dehydrated, inflamed, thick and sensitive. Think of the eye cream we use on the delicate area around our eyes, or the lip balm we apply to the fragile skin of our lips. Our scars are also a special kind of skin, with special needs. With the right ingredients and proper technique, we can provide our scars with the love and care they deserve.



Watch to learn how to properly use your Morning Massage cleanser for optimal results.

Scar Massage is a crucial element of scarcare. It encourages softening and flattening of scar tissue. It also helps control scar sensitivity and tingling.

Scar Stages

The key to good scarcare is timing, consistency and technique. Whether surgical incisions or minor scrapes, all scars develop in stages. Begin using ESTAS while your scar is in its rebuilding phase. With the right timing and proper application, you can ensure that your scar heals beautifully.



Do not use any product on your scar while it is still open, swollen or scabbed. Wait for your scar to form a new layer of skin to begin your scarcare routine. Depending on the nature of your wound, this can take anywhere from a few days to a month or two. Consult your doctor if unsure when to begin your scarcare routine.



Once your scar has formed a new layer of skin, you’re ready to begin your ESTAS routine. Cleanse your scar before applying any product, making sure to thoroughly massage your scar while you cleanse. Next apply your ESTAS cream-serum and/or mask to give your scar a necessary dose of vitamins and moisture. Always follow with SPF.

1 YEAR +


After a year of proper care, your scar will be fully healed and glowing. Continue to use your ESTAS products daily to keep your scar feeling lovely and looking beautiful.